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The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More

Do Less, Achieve More: Master the Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons and World-Class Authors

Bestselling author, award-winning artist, holistic therapist, and creativity expert Cassandra Gaisford (BCA, Dip Psych) challenges the myth of the overworked, starving artist. In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Gaisford reveals dozens of insights based on survey research, her professional achievements and the success secrets of extraordinary artists, authors and creative entrepreneurs like Tim Ferriss, James Patterson, Paulo Coelho, Nora Roberts, Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Isabel Allende, and many more.

Perhaps you’ve bought into the myth that you can’t write faster, make money from your writing and produce excellent work. For years, the fallacy of the starving artist, working slavishly has pervaded our culture, leaching into the minds of creative people and stifling their dreams. But the evidence-based truth is that the world’s most successful authors and artists do not starve. In fact, they thrive by learning the tools of titans and leveraging off the tactics, routines, and habits of billionaires, icons, and world-class performers.

The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More is a blueprint for mastering productivity, making money and having fun. By fuelling your desire, empowering your vision, slaying obstacles, mastering your subconscious mind, maintaining optimum health, empowering your relationships, making a commitment to turn pro, you’ll elevate your attitude to success itself and create the ultimate mindset.

In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Cassandra Gaisford answers the question: How can you thrive as an author, writer, artist, and entrepreneur, create success on your own terms, and live a happier life? Gaisford shows us that being prosperous and productive is not just about money. It’s also about health, happiness, close relationships, living a meaningful life, and enjoying life’s journey.

If you’d love to find a way to create a living from your writing, if you suffer from procrastination, fear of failure, self-doubt, disorganization, if you’re a perfectionist or find the challenges of creative life overwhelming…then The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More is exactly the right book for you—because it will show you that these challenges are a critical part of your success. The secret is knowing how to use them to your advantage, to turn your world around and achieve your goals.

In The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More Gaisford reveals:

✓How billionaires, icons, and world-class performers master productivity.
✓Simple strategies to accelerate your productivity
✓How to turn procrastination into your strength
✓How to fight through your blocks and win your inner creative battles
✓How to steal from your heroes (rather than waiting for inspiration)
✓How to overcome your fear of failure, criticism, and change
✓How to whip anxiety, despondency, and depression into shape
✓How to overcome inertia, writers’ block and the resistance of a blank page
✓How to identify real priorities that are central to your life and work’s true meaning
✓How to turn pro, tap your inner power and create your life’s work
✓How to do less and earn more

If you’re short on time but high on motivation The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More will cheerlead, support, encourage and inspire you to move toward success.

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The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More



“The Prosperous Author is a blueprint for success. Cassandra Gaisford has crafted a well-rounded collection of productivity tips, wisdom, and practical advice. This book offers the mindset revolution I needed to get on with my writing! Each chapter in the book contains practical tips, wisdom from successful authors, and thought-provoking questions. I will be opening this book and flipping to various chapters whenever I need a pick-me-up.The chapter called, “Become Audaciously Obsessed ” is brilliant!”

Courtney Kenney, author of Creating Space to Thrive: Get Unstuck, Reboot Your Creativity and Change Your Life.

“Cassandra Gaisford has molded a helpful resource in her latest publication The Prosperous Author. Together with helpful ideas encouraging readers to believe in their writing, or in my case in my project, she also presents challenges to motivate the reader, well-chosen examples of successful writers, and honest offerings of her own journey.

This book provides well-researched ideas to support anyone who has a dream to believe in themselves and go for gold and develop that dream into reality. It is not just for writers, it is for all of us who have a golden nugget of a dream and want to bring it to full creation.”

Catherine Sloan, counselor

“I really loved this book! I’m currently working on increasing my productivity so this book came at the right time. Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More is packed with productivity tips and insights for writers. I enjoyed learning how some of the most successful writers on earth plan their day as well as how they think. Feeling inspired, I’ve already decided to implement concrete changes in the way I work in order to increase my productivity.”

Thibaut Meurisse, blogger

“This book really hits home for me as an author and someone who is dedicated to carving out purpose, passion and a life of more wealth and health. Every chapter ends with a positive wrap-up [‘Mining for Gold’] of the important lessons learned.

This book will teach you how to: Dream big, create a new destiny and turn a profit as a successful author. My A definite ‘Good Read’ recommendation.”

Scott Allan, author of Do It Scared

“A vital resource for writers wanting to break free from financial constraints and make a living from their writing. Lots of writers do make a living, but the tips and tricks in this book enable you to 10x your productivity, so you can get your life back. From creativity to mindset, and practical steps, this is the book you need if you want to be more than a one-book wonder! Thanks for this excellent resource, coming from another writer who has walked the path, make it all the more valuable.”

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The Prosperous Author: Productivity Hacks: Do Less & Make More

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