Incredible transformation, tailored to your unique needs


Quantum Transformational Coaching (QTC) integrates a number of modalities including—not limited to CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Hypnosis, Reiki, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Solutions Focused, Appreciative Enquiry, Rogerian (feeling based therapy), Choice Therapy, Positive Psychology, and hypnosis. By combining these modalities, rather than being limited by one dominant approach, incredible transformation, tailored to your unique needs occurs at all levels essential to your well-being—mind, heart, body, soul, and in your relationship with others.


QTC Therapy can rapidly, effortlessly and successfully recalibrate and treat:

  • Feelings of not being good enough
  • Worrying about what others think of you
  • Addictions and substance abuse, incl. alcohol, sugar, over-eating
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Money blocks and financial worries
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Stress, burnout, and overwhelm
  • Feeling stuck, blocked, or self-sabotaging behavior
  • Anger, rage, and resentment
  • Sleep issues
  • Relationship issues

Anything that holds you back from being the best version of yourself can be reset in one personalized two-hour session. Feel free of old emotional issues, patterns, and scripts affecting your behavior. Feel empowered, motivated, self-empowered and more certain of your passion, purpose, and direction. Feel better equipped to deal with situations constructively with less stress and better results. Immediate results guaranteed.

Your 2 hour QTC investment is $495 USD.

Your 1 hour QTC upgrade $225 USD.

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“I got a lot of value from the coaching session, and, by cutting the travel time out,  it is also very economical on time.”

~ Melanie, 62.

 The two-hour life-transformational therapy with Cassandra; anywhere in the world via Skype, with an optional 1-hour upgrade available.

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