“The power of creativity to positively impact on peoples lives is the force that inspires me to create. As an intuitive artist with a passion for following my ‘inner joy’ I hope my work captures and celebrates the  ‘life-giving’ aspects of art, and leaves viewers with a feeling of pleasure and contentment.”

Cassandra is an award winning artist. In 2008 her abstract creation won the Wai Art Surpreme art award. In 2008 her portrait of her grandmother  finalled in the  Adam’s Portrait award. Cassandra has participated in various overseas workshops including a Sumi–E ink painting workshop in Hawaii with ex-pat artist, Max Gimblett, her  works embrace the simplicity of pleasure and personal experiences that incite joy

You can learn more about Cassandra the artist here.

The following links will take you to some of her  works of art, including:

You can also learn more about the creative process on her Powerful Creativity Blog.