New Release—Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach

June 30th, 2019

Tips for Everyday Prosperity Inspired by the World’s Most Successful Man

Dear friends,

I’m so excited about my new release—Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach. Leonardo has always inspired me and I am so happy to share his secret strategies to prosperity.

See below for the blurb and links to grab your copy.

Leonardo inspires me in every aspect of my life—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and creatively. I’ve even written and published a short work of fiction inspired by one of his paintings—Where is Salvator Mundi? The Art of Deception. The Greatest Art Heist The World Was Never Meant to Know.

For over ten years I’ve been slowly chipping away at a historical novel inspired by the Mona Lisa (yes 10-years is a long time!). This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death—I really, really must finish that book!

But for me, as with millions of others, Leonardo lives on, and he’ll speak to you and cheerlead your success in the pages of my new release—Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach.


Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach…

Embark on a Life-Changing, Scientifically Proven Fast-Track to Happiness—in Only Minutes a Day!

Tame anxiety, manage stress, overcome depression, change careers—and more. Success is living life on your terms and no one knows this better than the ultimate freedom-fighter Leonardo da Vinci.

Bestselling author, award-winning artist, holistic therapist, and creativity expert Cassandra Gaisford shares the success secrets of Leonardo da Vinci and other extraordinary artists, authors and creative entrepreneurs like Leonardo da Vinci, Coco Chanel, Georgia O’Keeffe, Vera Wang, Arianna Huffington, Oprah, Isabel Allende, and many more. 

Leonardo was just like you and I. He suffered at times from self-doubt, he had family hassles, some of his efforts resulted in failure, people jealous of his talent tried to undermine him, money worries meant that at times he had to suck it up and do work he didn’t enjoy, and he had to work for bullies and tyrants.

But he didn’t let obstacles stop him from doing the work that inspired him and living the life he loved. The pursuit of knowledge born of his own inquiry and experience ultimately led to his success. He also learned from experts he admired, both past and present.

Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach (the first book in the Master Life Coach series) reveals how the success secrets and strategies of extraordinary people like Leonardo da Vinci can help people like you succeed—personally and professionally. Successful artists have always struggled, but they persevered anyway. And it is this willingness to pursue their calling in the face of many challenges that holds lessons for us all.

Who Is This Book For?

If you want to challenge conventional definitions of success and live life on your own terms, this book is for you.

If you’re an aspiring creative, or an accomplished one, Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach will provide support and encouragement to continue the journey.

If you suffer from fear, doubt, procrastination, or overly seek validation from others, Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach will come to your rescue.

If you’re a Type A personality looking for the fastest route to success, Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach will challenge you to experiment with going quickly slowly, to avoid burning out. Or overrunning the turn-off that would lead you down the path less traveled—the route that may lead you to your most enduring success.

Or you might, like me, be passionate about Leonardo da Vinci and all that he achieved, and want to discover his success secrets.

Your Concise Guide to Success

If you are looking for inspiration and practical tips, in short, sweet sound bites, this guide is for you.

Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach is a concise guide to succeeding in business and in life. Short, easy to digest tips for time-challenged people who need inspiration and practical strategies to encourage positive change.

Similarly, if you are a grazer, or someone more methodical, this guide will also work for you. Pick a section or page at random, or work through the principles sequentially. Do a da Vinci—experiment, be open-minded and try new things.

Honor the messages from your intuition and follow your path with heart.

In Leonardo da Vinci: Life Coach Gaisford reveals:

✓How to define success on your own terms…
✓How to find your truth and live an authentic life…
✓How to set and achieve audacious goals…
✓How to steal from your heroes (rather than waiting for inspiration)
✓How to take strategic risks (rather than reckless ones)
✓How to overcome your fear of failure, criticism, and change…
✓How to make money, follow your passion and still pay the bills…
✓How to beat procrastination and low self-esteem…
✓How to identify real priorities that are central to your life’s true meaning…
✓And how to empower your business and personal life…

What Others Are Saying

A definite read for improving your success, health, and overall MINDSET!

“I read a lot of books on self-help. After a while you can read so many they all start to sound the same. What I love about this book is that it makes you want to slow down and take in each chapter piece by piece. There are so many tidbits of amazing strategies and philosophy that you are drawn in by the passion of the life of Da Vinci. I love the layout of this book where it discussed seven ways to empower yourself in success, mind, body, spirit, work, relationships, and vision. Each chapter focuses on teaching a new principle to make your life better in so many ways. I also like the challenges at the end of each chapter so you don’t just get to read the book but follow through on implementing it into your life and passion as well. A definite read for improving your success, health, and overall MINDSET!”

~ Scott Allan, author of Empower Your Life


The most powerful aspect for me was that to succeed—go within!

I felt quite inspired, not just once but again and again, as I was in a sense almost caught up and swept along in the flow through the book. You’ve achieved something very helpful for many of us seeking guidance on how to change ourselves into someone better, more capable, more self-aware, more loveable. And not through lots of techniques (the tips are very helpful though) but somehow through getting back to the basics of knowing ourselves, who we are and where do we fit in the universe. The scope was great too with sufficient detail to stimulate further searching for ourselves. The most powerful aspect for me was that to succeed—go within! Discover the true SELF, the soul and so feel that connection with something much bigger than me, even to cosmic dimensions.”

Grab your copy today!

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Audiobook coming soon!



I wish to work miracles

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Many people struggle to achieve because they’re not ambitious. Being ambitious may stir your fears—fear of success, failure, regret, disappointment, or loss. Or it may trigger a fear of standing out. You may associate ambition with negative traits, like aggression.

As Leonardo once said, “I want to create miracles.” If that’s not ambitious I don’t know what is. He wasn’t hard and aggressive—he was focused and he kept his vision fixed on success.

Your Challenge

Reframe ambition and look to your heroes and heroines.

When you think of someone ambitious that you admire who comes to mind?

What qualities do they possess? How could you copy-cat or borrow these qualities and apply them to help you succeed?

Keep your ambition a secret—avoid the critics and those who may knock your confidence. When you start to flap your ambition wings other people may feel threatened or jealous

It’s cool to be ambitious. People want to hang out with ambitious, successful people. Pursue your big audacious goals! Do the things you think you can’t. Achieve the impossible

“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow. One must go before others, be determined and exacting, and let your intelligence direct your life. Act with audacity.” ~ Madame Veuve Cliquot, businesswoman



God sells us all things
at the price of labor

~ Leonardo da Vinci

Planning and effort prevent poor performance. This is such a powerful message when it comes to achieving your desires, especially if you’re someone who equates planning with feeling controlled. You may be looking to the future thinking, “Someday! Someday I will achieve that.”

How can you be assured that things will happen if you don’t plan your action steps effectively, efficiently and productively?

So many people end their lives disappointed that things didn’t come to fruition. “Why didn’t it happen for me? Why, when it happens for other people.” Successful people don’t sit at home waiting for things to happen. They go out and conquer things.

If you’re sitting back waiting for ‘someday’ you have a problem—you think you have time!

Your Challenge

Set one goal for yourself and start breaking it down into bite-size chunks. If you want to generate $100,000 out of your business in a year what do you need to do to get there?

If you want to start a new relationship, or improve the one you’ve got, develop your success strategy. Your efforts will be repaid in exchange for your labor and your courage to try

“Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.”

~ Oprah Winfrey, businesswoman


Discover How You Can Think Like Leonardo da Vinci and Unlock Your Passion and Potential

To purchase on Amazon, click here>> getbook.at/LeonardoLifeCoach

To purchase on iBooks, Barnes & Noble and other great bookstores, click here>> https://books2read.com/u/b6j6Wx

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