Cassandra is an expert in the areas of transformation change, creativity, passion and happiness. She is regularly profiled in the media for many of her creative and professional pursuits

Newspapers & magazines

Cassandra is a well-known writer in the area of ‘passion at work’ and currently writes for The NZ Herald. For four years she wrote a regular column in New Zealand’s most popular daily newspaper, The Dominion Post. She has also contributed to international and national publications such as Marie Claire, Employment Today and Career Edge.

Increasingly Cassandra’s views on careers and well-being have been creating a lot of media interest.

Take a real break from work—check out her interview in the New Zealand Herald, “Escape the Always On Culture,” navigate to here—http://bit.ly/2s7PEWd

Click here for archived NZ Herald articles on career and happiness.

Read about Cassandra’s first group painting exhibition and her celebration of joy through creativity>>


How to overcome anxiety, panic, and stress and reclaim joy
Naturopath and Holistic Life Coach, Vesna Hrsto (ND) and Cassandra Gaisford (Dip Psych.BCA, Dip. Counselling) chatting on the 2019 Women’s Reinvention Project

How to Find Your Passion and Purpose
Naturopath and Holistic Life Coach, Vesna Hrsto (ND) and Cassandra Gaisford (Dip Psych.BCA, Dip. Counselling) chatting on the first Women’s Reinvention Project

How to Stress Less and Find Who You Truly Are and Who You Truly Want to Become

Are you feeling flat, depressed, stressed, anxious, and lacking energy? It’s time to get your vitality back. Love is the cure! Cassandra (BCA, Dip Psych) was contacted by Chelsea Brehens, host of the Leading with Authenticity Summit. She shares strategies that have worked for her personally through many of her own mental health and life challenges, and for her clients in her professional work as a holistic therapist and self-empowerment coach to help people manage stress, overcome anxiety, battle depression and find joy.

Click here to watch or listen to Cassandra’s interview with Chelsea Behrens>>





Lori Ivey Massicot, To 50 & Beyond

Cassandra was contacted by Lori Ivey Massicot after she discovered Cassandra’s sobriety book, Mind Your Drink: The Surprising Joy of Sobriety (Control Alcohol, Discover Freedom, Find Happiness and Change Your Life. 

Lori invited Cassandra to be a guest on her popular show and talk about her book Mid-Life Career Rescue and how it can help women get out of jobs and careers they feel stuck in and move forward in the middle of life.

“I would have loved to hear this episode when I was in a j.o.b. for twenty years that sucked the life out of me.” ~ Lori said. “It’s is an episode of EMPOWERMENT and one that I would have loved before I was laid off in 2007,” Lori said.

Here is the link to listen and share.  You can also listen via iTunes and share from there.


Sheree Clark, Fork in The Road

Recently Cassandra was invited as a career expert on Healthy Living Coach Sheree Clark’s ‘Fork in the Road interview summit.’ Listen to a replay of this interview below:

Sheree Clark showcased Mid-Life Career Rescue: The Call for Change on American television. Watch a short clip below:




She has been interviewed on National Radio, ZMFM, and Radio Live about a wide range of topics including improving the quality of career guidance and how to live and work with more passion.

Radio NZ Interview

Listen to Cassandra’s Interview on RadioNZ below:



Cassandra was the resident life coach on Television New Zealand’s The Good Morning Show. Follow the links on this page to see more

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CW Iowa Live >> Fork in the Road Well-Being Interview Summit


Interviews With Other Experts


Rescue Your Career. Listen to Cassandra’s interview with Greg, founder of the podcast Fathers After 50, where she discusses her book series Mid-Life Career Rescue. Be inspired by her ideas on how to rescue your career, possibly with a “career combo.” Click here >>

Discover the joy of sobriety. Listen to Cassandra’s interview with Melinda Hammond—



Learn the truth about prosperity. Listen to Cassandra’s interview with Ande Anderson on her Be Do Succeed Online Conference. Click here to watch to listen here

Find Happiness at Work: How to Create a Successful Career Strategy. Listen to Cassandra’s webinar presentation, for the Alumni Career Speaker Series 2017. Listen to it here (The sound improves 20 minutes in!)

Find Your Passion and Live It Each Day. Travelpreneur and professional blogger Drew Crawford interviewed Cassandra to share practical and inspiring strategies to help people find their passion, live and work anywhere in the world and still pay the bills. Listen to it here.

How To Overcome Your Mid-life Career Crisis. Recently Cassandra was interviewed by Olivia Gamber a US Career Expert. Do you know what she put as the lead quote? “The biggest skill you need during a career transition is to have an imagination.” If your imagination could do with some stimulation check out the interview here

How To Cultivate A Success Mindset. Podcaster and author Melinda Hammond and Cassandra had a blast sharing tips and strategies to help others live their dreams. Check out the interview here …including how Cassandra once felt like a bird trapped in a cage and then learned how to fly.

YouTube. Cassandra regularly broadcasts on YouTube click here to view »


Happy at Work Interviews with Cassandra – check out these inspiring stories of reinvention….

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Cassandra Chats

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