“A fine work of art—music, dance, painting, story—has the power to silence the chatter and lift us to another world.” ~ Robert McKee




“The future is fluid,” Dr. Mark Epstein

A beautifully large painting inspired by New Zealand’s beautiful Far North landscape and the joy of colour field painting. Painting, writing and creating, is an opiate for me. Even when I feel sad, when I create I feel transported to a happier realm

1200 mm x 900mm

Acrylic on panel


Flow Gracefully

Reminiscent of Monet’s water lily series, transcendent glazes of ethereal whites, rose quartz and Lemurian blues spark peace, contentment and joy.

1200 mm x 900mm

Acrylic on panel




Te Ataroa (The Long Morning)

Named after the beautiful baby born three months ago to a very proud young couple. They had lost a little girl earlier who passed before she could be held in their arms. Te Ataroa is an added blessing. Translated her name means “the long morning”. Spring is nearly here in the Bay of Islands and the mornings are getting longer and they are nearly as beautiful as that wee baby

1200 mm x 900mm

Acrylic on panel

“Serene and beautiful and makes me feel like I’m in a spring garden. Love it!” ~ Jo


Love Affair

“To be a painter is a gift from the Gods and not for a minute may you neglect this great love affair.” Piera McArthur⠀

Acrylic on canvas

610mm x 910mm



“Be soft, do not let the world make you hard,” Kurt Vonnegut

New Zealand beeswax 🐝 fire, oil crayon, and molten alchemy

artboard 600mm x 400mm

Handcrafted in New Zealand

“Wow! it is so dreamy and lovely.” — Theresa Stirling


Joyful Heart

“Sharpen your mind. Soften your heart.”

Acrylic on Canvas




She Smiled Softly, 2020

“I have witnessed the softening of the hardest hearts by a simple smile,” Goldie Hawn


Crayon, lead pencil, watercolour, acrylic on canvas

W 1420 mm x H 560 mm




Soft and Fluffy

“Treat softly because you tread on my dreams,” William Yeats

460 mm x 460 mm

Acrylic on canvas



Your Love Is My Love

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

New work in progress from the “soften” series “ ‘Your love is my love’. 💗 inspired by Turner’s landscapes

Awash with the warm shimmer of romantic rouges, sandy ochres and dazzles of misty light on water.

Encaustic, NZ beeswax, crayon, gold leaf on board

400x 400mm

“Absolutely stunning—you are unbelievably talents!!! My oh my!”

~ Theresa Stirling


“Open into gratitude and you soften into joy,”






Acrylic, oil crayon and mixed media.
760 h x 1200 w



“I never really separated painting and literature” ~ Cy Twombly

Mixed media, oil crayon, acrylic, passion

Canvas 760mm x 1200mm

Handcrafted in New Zealand


Let Go⠀

“Every line is the actual experience with its own unique story” ~ Cy Twombly

Mixed media, oil crayon, acrylic, passion

Canvas 760mm x 1200mm

Handcrafted in New Zealand




Love Language

“Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body” l Kenn Butler l

Mixed media, molten New Zealand beeswax, encaustic, oil crayon, passion

Pro-panel artboard 400mm x12mm

Handcrafted in New Zealand
This beautiful piece can be yours now… message me:)


Peace, love, joy

Custom beeswax art- made with molten beeswax applied on canvas board, fused with sultry flame, finished with love. Art that smells divine and soothes the soul




Wisdom of the golden snake

Another new work. Feeling inspired during COVID-19
beeswax and fire. Custom-made on hardboard

Colour field painting in my studio and outside

Available now. Shipping worldwide








Orange Bird 11

“The painting can take over. Marvellous accidents can happen.” | Piera McArthur |

Orange bird 11

new watercolour, now available. 🔥

I love the spirit and energy of this piece. Infused with many happy memories🔥

Commissions welcome





Heavenly sleep

watercolour on paper

May your nights be peaceful

“Thank you for sharing your magnificent Dreamtime series. Wishing you lots of inspiration for further artworks!”

Sunny, Assistant Manager Fafa Island Resort, Tonga


Love is a Superpower

‘Water is the driving force of all nature.’   | Leonardo da Vinci |

new watercolour,, now available. 🔥

Big love!🔥


“Just beautiful.”

Julia, Resort Manager, Fafa Island, Tonga.


The Energies of Love


new watercolour, now available.





‘The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.’ | Leonardo da Vinci |

new watercolour, now available. 🔥

in my heart forever. 🔥


“It’s very transcendent… it reminds me of Monet’s waterlilies. There’s so much light coming through.”
~ Peter Sharp




‘if you have a sense of limits then you are free to break out of them.’  |Helen Frankenthaler |

Beautifully vibrant and texturally rich, abstract painting in colours designed to uplift and inspire.

Dimensions: 1210mm(W) x 610mm (H) x 40mm(D)

Medium: mixed media – ink and acrylic oil on canvas

Note: signature, date and title information on the back of painting




“I just stumbled across your video. Your creative process is very inspiring! Your painting “Infinity” is fabulous!!! It evokes a lot of energy, emotion and spirituality speaks through this piece fluently. Thanks so much for sharing. Love and light.”

~ comment made on my YouTube channel




Gone to happy homes

Marsden Cross (sold)

Blue Light (sold)

Mixed media


To purchase and have shipped anywhere in the world, email Cassandra@cassandragaisford.com

Commissions welcome



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