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A problem shared is a problem solved

Whether your relationship has hit a rough patch, or you’re struggling with depression or any other issues are impacting your life, talking to a professionally qualified counselor can help.

Asking for help, whether this is addiction counseling, relationship therapy, coaching to deal with stress at work, or something else, isn’t easy for many successful people. However, talking with someone objective is often what you need to gain a fresh perspective, overcome obstacles, heal wounds and expand your life. 

As a qualified counselor and holistic therapist, I know that very often integrative talk-therapy which draws on an eclectic range of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and other modalities, including creative and art-based techniques can be extremely effective. Plus therapy needn’t be gloomy. A lot of healthy healing can be achieved using playfulness and fun. Personally and professionally I believe in magic and the power of beauty, joy, love, purpose, and creativity to transform peoples’ lives.

Below are just a few of the many areas where counseling can provide guidance and support:

  • Career Counselling to help resolve career-related issues such as stress, role-conflict, performance issues, dissatisfaction, or boredom
  • Personal Counselling to provide early solution-focused intervention before problems escalate. A holistic approach to resolving many personal issues including relationships, finances, physical and emotional wellbeing, stress, grief, conflict, depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem.
  • Grief Counseling to help you cope during times of extreme personal hurt and loss.
  • Life coaching to provide help people who don’t need in-depth counseling.  People don’t need to have a problem to seek the services of a life coach, although some people do. More often than not people are just feeling stuck and need someone objective and supportive to spur them on. Life coaching is solutions-focused, and rather than dwell on the past, focuses on where a person is now, where they want to be and the steps and changes necessary to get them there.

Does talk therapy actually work? I invite you to read my blog post and discover the lift changing magic for yourself—



My philosophy

I favor a range of cognitive and holistic strategies to help people thrive in the face of setbacks, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Solutions Focused, Appreciative Enquiry, Rogerian (feeling based therapy)  and Positive Psychology techniques to name just a few.

Points of Difference

Compassionate and Caring

Clients tell me that my compassionate and caring nature, ability to truly listen and to empower them to find solutions to overcome the issues impacting their lives are some of my greatest gifts.


I use creative, innovative and customized solutions to meet clients’ needs. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. My techniques resources and solutions are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure best-practice solutions.

Professional Expertise and “Walking The Talk”

My wisdom comes from both life experience and schooling. I am professionally qualified and “walk the talk.” I have survived and thrived in the face of issues common to many of our clients. You’ll benefit by being offered shortcuts to learning by sharing the wisdom I have gained on the way as I picked myself up and started again. This gives me a unique perspective and incredible empathy and insight when it comes to helping others.

Passionate and values-driven

I am passionate about helping others thrive in the face of setbacks. I love what I do and I do it well!

Holistic and Spiritual
I believe the best solutions integrate mind, body, and soul. Whichever way you define spirituality you’ll benefit from tailored approaches that feed and nourish and empower your spirit.


Gain support and guidance no matter where you are in the world. I can help you reach your potential by phone, Skype or by e-mail. Schedule an appointment here—I’d love to help you find happiness and joy.


Learn more about my approach from reading Testimonials to my work.

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FAQ’s Counselling

I am an artist, storyteller, intuitive guide, mentor and Reiki master. All my creations are infused with positive energy , inspiration, and light. I believe in magic and the power of beauty, joy, love, purpose, and creativity to transform your life. My greatest joy is helping your realize your dreams. That makes my soul sing!

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