Cassandra Gaisford: Author, Speaker and Creative Entrepreneur

Cassandra is available internationally for speaking events aimed at wellness strategies, motivation, inspiration and as a keynote speaker. She has an enthusiastic, humorous and passionate style of delivery and is celebrated for her ability to motivate, inspire and enlighten.


Listen to Cassandra’s webinar presentation, for the AlumniCareerSpeakerSeries – “Find Happiness at Work: How to Create a Successful Career Strategy” (The sounds improves 20 minutes in!)

“Cassandra did a great job on her presentation – calm, clear delivery, lots of interaction, and like all excellent presentations it informed, entertained, persuaded, and did the job. It was great. I count myself an old hand as it were at public presentation/ speaking, and was truly delighted to see a master?! mistress??!! practitioner at work. I learned things! Bravo.”

~ Tony Russell, Careers Expert, NZ

“Cassandra Gaisford was the most brilliant, most calming, most truth-filled person I heard speak at the (International Career Development Conference (ICDC conference in San Francisco. I am a lone Career ranger in Chico California helping high schoolers at least uncover some of their dreams and passions. My problem is I need more inspiration and support myself. When I heard Cassandra speak I knew she knew what she was talking about. I hate using the words; career pathways, school to work, interest inventory etc. etc….It really is as simple as awakening oneself to dreams, passions, etc. to feel alive and happy. It’s so important to support and promote the idea that life is not just a dream, but can be lived with passion and joy.”

~ Christine Knight, High School Career Tech/Counselor, USA


To ask Cassandra to come and speak at your workplace or conference, contact: cassandra@cassandragaisford.com