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How to guard against envy

Monday, June 3rd, 2019


I can relate to Danielle Steele who says to always be on guard against envy. “Envy is a very ugly thing and very dangerous. You have to protect yourself from it every day.”

Every day!

That’s how pervasive the poisonous bite from toxic people can be.

24 years ago I was inspired to write my first book, “I Have to Grow” following the experience of bullying that my daughter suffered. A child had been envious of her talent for singing and tried to discourage her.

Currently, I’m writing a romance story under my pen name Mollie Mathews (www.molliemathews.com). As with all my stories, Forever and Always, was sparked by a true event, or rather several true events.

I started to write this short story following a toxic work experience. It’s a love story—so yes, it will have a happy ending.

So how do you guard against envy?

Let me share what I do. But first, here’s a good working definition.

Envy (from Latin invidia) is an emotion which “occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it”.

Affirm the positive

It’s really important to not let other people’s criticisms and judgments and personal attacks cross the protective barrier of your own belief. I’m forever looking at positive things people have said about me, adding my own daily affirmations and focusing on what I do well—not what others liberally tell me what’s wrong with me. I’ve often been told I’m selfish, conceited, or something else that’s lacking. I’ve come to see that often it’s the person who is saying these things that often has something unhealed with them.

In the second book of my Transformational Super Kids book, I Have to Grow, I share the “I am a star” strategy I encouraged my 4-year old daughter to employ to defeat envious and jealous attacks and boost her self-esteem. It’s a good strategy for big ‘kids’ too.

Spark joy

Nourish your spirit and do things that spark joy.  Envy is darkness and Joy is the light.  Nourishing your soul will boost your energy and give you courage and replenish any feelings of lack or sadness.

My joys include writing books, painting and being in nature—and just having timeout for me. Going to new places also sparks joy. Right now I’m in Turks and Caicos, an island in the Caribbean. Which reminds me—colors also spark joy.


Keep going

Note the emphasis on “superior” in the definition above. Perhaps, that’s what the older woman who criticized the young girl in my story, The Little Princess, saw in her. She saw that she was superior and hated feeling comparatively worthless.

The Little Princess didn’t feel superior and she wasn’t trying to make her feel worthless—she was sharing her inspiration. But the older woman saw something in The Little Princess that the Little Princess didn’t see in herself—her divinity.

The worst thing we can do is allow envy to rule. We must keep going, keep sharing our gifts, keep showing up. A world without inspiration, beauty, talent, love, and joy is no world at all. It’s hell.

Keep shining like a star.

“Every luminary in the constellation of human greatness, like the stars, comes out in the darkness to shine with the reflected light of God”. ~ Mary Baker Eddy


Featured reader of the month—Bridgette

Thank you for the wonderful review you left on Amazon UK

Sweet little story to overcome the bullies

This is another lovely little book, you’ve done it again Cassandra! This is the second in the series of Transformational Super Kids Books… What a great idea.

We need more books like this for our children – to reinforce confidence, individuality and growing into our best selves. I only wish it was a little longer and the story and characters developed a bit further because it’s such a cute little story. But you do get an excerpt of The Little Princess (Transformational Kids Book 1).

The author reminds us that as children (and as adults) we so easily let our confidence get knocked, our dreams quashed, by the envious actions of others in our environment. Of course, these people have issues, we don’t necessarily know the background history to this, but it’s important to show our children to be proud of their achievements, natural gifts, and dreams.. and not to be put off (sometimes for a lifetime) of reaching for the moon.

I look forward to more books in the series, let’s help our young people to blossom :-)”

Stay true to yourself, follow your Spirit and do the work you’re here to do – even amidst disapproval and criticism

Discover more in The Little Princess and I Have to Grow and learn how you too can stand strong and overcome bullying and envy to live a life of passion and purpose.

To purchase The Little Princess on Amazon>>getbook.at/TheLittlePrincess

To purchase The Little Princess on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online stores>> https://books2read.com/u/b5709p



And the winners are…

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

I’m so excited to announce the winners of a signed copy of The Little Princess!

Harley Christensen

Kenn Butler

and Brigette Blackman


The response to The Little Princess has been truly royal. So many people have told me how sharing my story of being bullied and summoning courage has helped them be brave.

“Who am I NOT to PLAY BIG?” 

Harley shared with me how my book was so timely.

Sometimes, it’s easy to fall back into ways that keep us “safe”…like playing small because we fear judgment, failure…even success. If we stay in that rut, though, we deprive ourselves (and others) of our gifts. At the end of the day, I have far more to lose by not owning my creativity. The book was a great reminder to ask myself: “Who am I NOT to PLAY BIG?”

Absolutely! If we all play big then we are all winners!

Be courageous. Be bold. Be you!

I did…I shared my story in The Little Princess and now my book is #1 bestseller. And best of all, it’s empowering people of all ages around the world.

But what I really loved, is when someone wrote to me and shared how, where once she would have been jealous and envious of other peoples success, now she was inspired.

“I thought, if they can do it, I can do it too!” she told me.

She also shared how learning about my upcoming trip to the Caribbean (yes! I leave today!!!) inspired her to book her trip to India. No more putting it off, and saying she couldn’t afford it, she told me. “I’m going to find a way.”

I have a dream. One day there will be no toxic envy. One day there will be no sinister shaming. One day we shall encourage everyone to shine like stars.

#1 Amazon bestseller!

The Little Princess is #1 on Amazon…incredible! I’m not sure how it got into these categories…but The Little Princess rules supreme over Time magazine and Tom Cruise! How’s that for female empowerment!

Thanks again to the following people who left their honest (and heartfelt) reviews

Sheree Clark
Maartje Jager
Kenn Butler
and Vesna…who shared this on Amazon

“A Beautiful and Life-Changing Message…
This book shares a powerful message for all women of any age, I wish I had this when I was growing up. Today more than ever, we have to stay true to ourselves, follow our Spirit and do the work we’re here to do – amidst disapproval and criticism. The simple steps in this book will guide your way, and help you to navigate through the confusion, uncertainty, and inner blocks, so you live your one precious life in a big way.”
~ Vesna Hrsto, Naturopath and Coach

Reviews make such a huge difference—many people have no idea just how truly influential and far-reaching they are.

I’m super excited about the new release of The Little Princess.

It’s a timeless charm which tells the story of a young woman who leaves the safety of fitting in with everyone else, to follow her heart. Be inspired by this journey to transformation and self-acceptance, and self-belief as she learns to overcome the vagaries of adult behavior. Her personal odyssey culminates in a voyage of self-belief, passion, and purpose.


Discover more in The Little Princess and learn how you too can stand strong and overcome bullying to live a life of passion and purpose.

To purchase on Amazon>>getbook.at/TheLittlePrincess

To purchase on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online stores>> https://books2read.com/u/b5709p

Stay tuned for news of the audio version—narrated by yours truly. As a child, I loved listening to stories. Every Sunday morning my brother and I would sit around the radio and listen to the children’s program. It was my favorite time.

I’m so happy that people all around the world are enjoying my little story.

A Little Book with a Powerful Message…

An important reminder to always be true to yourself and summon the courage to follow your passions… Only you can live your life…GO live it!”

~ Harley

The Little Princess is my hero…

I am a Midlife Coach, which means I help women find their moxie to do what they might not have done in the first half of their lives…I think The Little Princess needs to be a “required reading” text book for us all…she cuts to the heart of the lesson all of us need to hear, over and over again. The Little Princess embodies courage. She is my hero.”

~ Sheree Clarke, Midlife Courage Coach

“The Little Princess is ‘brilliant…

Short concise & full of tremendous vision & wisdom, expressed lovingly. Many of the comments read true for my own journey. I recognize my passion to be different than many others, my persistence to succeed, & the pure joy I have at the end of each day when I lay down my head & give thanks.”

~ Kenn Butler, CEO


“Very uplifting and inspiring…

I love everything Cassandra writes, the queen of uplifting inspiration! This is a little book, the story basically teaches you to have faith in your dreams, stand firm and don’t let others rain on your parade… We are all searching for purpose and passion, everybody hurts and sometimes we find ourselves on the receiving end of somebody else’s insecurities when they project their anger, jealousy etc onto us…The old woman who puts the little princess down is really just jealous and stuck in her own life.”

~ Reviewer UK

“A reminder of the truth in all of us…

The Little Princess is a great short story as a reminder of the truth in all of us; Don’t judge, take loving kindness as a guideline in life, but stay true to yourself; A powerful message! Like all the books by this author, it is a guideline to live a wise life.”

~ Maartje Jager, Designer

To purchase on Amazon>>getbook.at/TheLittlePrincess

To purchase on Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and other online stores>> https://books2read.com/u/b5709p


Learn more about the second book in The Transformational Super Kids series, I Have to Grow here >>

It’s inspired by my own daughter’s experience of bullying—and released in time for her birthday!