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Welcomcassandragaisfo (4)e to The Cassandra Gaisford Show, where I interview inspiring men and women from around the world and share THEIR story of finding, launching, and growing their own passion-driven life and career. I call these people Passionpreneurs.

In this show I chat with a wide-range of passionate people, shape-shifters and transformational career changes from eclectic areas including science, arts, psychology, and spirituality, going deep to find the tools, techniques, and tools that you can use.

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Now let the inspiration begin…

Happy@work interview with UK Best Selling author Nick Williams
From selling computers to work philosopher, writing books and travelling the world
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Happy@work interview with Zofia Miliszewska
From statistical analyst to arts professional at Christies
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Happy@work interview with Maartje Ten Berge
From selling life insurance to designing clothes
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Happy@work interview with Rumi Shivaz
Reinvention following receivership
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Happy@work interview with Sarah
From economics professor to tango teacher
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Happy@work interview with Lawrence Green
Doing the career combo
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