“Cassandra has been great to work with. She’s flexible in her approach, but also keeps the coaching sessions focused and productive. I was unsure about having the coaching via Skype, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. I still feel a strong sense of immediacy and connection and come away from our sessions feeling energised and empowered.”

~ Jan, Communications Professional


I’m a woman on a mission.

I’m passionate about passion, joy and helping others live abundant, prosperous and joy-filled lives. I know from experience this is possible for us all—and I also know from my personal and professional experience that it’s hard to achieve on your own.

I love helping people discover their purpose, passion and potential

I love helping people find their beauty spot – that unique place that resides within us all where talent, interest, and motivation intersect and enthusiasms collide.

I’ve lived a chameleon life, shaping-shifting to find my place in life. I’ve had some horror jobs and experiences—and thankfully, some millionaire moments too. With over 25-years professional experience helping people transform their lives, as a holistic psychologist, career counselor, life coach, intuitive and bestselling author of self-empowerment books, if you’d love to live a life of joy and fulfillment you’re in good hands.


How we’ll take your life to the next level

Often the thing getting in the way of finding your bliss is you! It’s hard to step out of what you know or believe you are capable. Your mindset, beliefs and the old scripts that keep running through your head can hold you back. Unchallenged, your limited awareness can keep you, your dreams and your life small.

My strengths, expertise, and joys are awakening a sense of possibility, transforming your mindset, and helping you make the ‘impossible’ possible through solid, practical and tried-and-true strategies that work., branding and marketing so that you can build yourself a successful business and live the lifestyle you want.

Whether you want to start your own business

Yearn to be more creative

Want to right a book

Fancy a career change

Would love to do what I do and become a life coach

Or just want to take your life to the next level . . . , branding and marketing so that you can build yourself a successful business and live the lifestyle you want.

You’ll be inspired, feel empowered and succeed. Yes, it will take a commitment, but I promise you’ll have fun and there will be passion and joy!


Am I for you?

You want to thrive

You love creative, holistic approaches that honor the whole person—a bit of spirituality on the side is fine with you

You need someone to help you clarify your deepest desires, joys, and passion so you can focus and make a success of your life.

You want to live your best life

You want to live a life of significance, make a difference and more joy, beauty, and love to the world like I do. Maybe your vision for the future involves helping others become successful too.


Take the next step

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